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The Swamp Dog Show with Bones Mackinnon

Wecome to the Swamp!

...a bit o' blues, a bit o' country, a bit of roots

...and a lot o' verandah.'

Since 2008, playin' over 85% Australian music, sometimes 100%, 
mainly independent artists, with a commitment to showcase First Nation acts

Born and raised on The Mighty Koo Wee Rup Swamp, Bonesy invites listeners to put a bit o' swamp in their music!.
From time to time, the Dog also interviews artists or brings them into the studio for a live performance.

There's a wider swamp kinda thang happenin' here. It starts with swampy beats and goes on with music about connections and country - so, there's quite a variety of homegrown music, here; some has a kinda earthy quality; some is soul, a swamp sister; some rock - a swamp cousin. There's smooth swamp and grungy; lay-back and out-there. Hell, we've even had psychedelic swamp! And there's some that, like a swamp, filter the gritty bits of life, as it journeys to the sea. It celebrates, too, the deep spiritual connections it has with other great swamps of the world and their music, particularly the Mississippi Delta, of course.
And we try to keep listeners up to date with where they can go to catch some of this music live. 
Why, it's a whole philosophy! - it's a world-wide movement

Since 2012, the Swamp Man has shared excerpts from his personal musical sojourn in a special segment. Spinning some vinyl, largely, from the archives, he features artists that have influenced or delighted him. Always Impressive and illuminating! '...and a little dizzy from the night before!!'
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